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About Us

We are a real estate firm with a deep understanding of the Kenyan property market. We offer expertise in the marketing and sale of a wide range of properties, including residential real estate, farms and plots of land, as well as commercial and industrial properties that we hope may interest you.


We offer a portfolio of property related services to help our clients succeed in the Kenyan property market. Whether you are looking to buy or sell your property get in touch to see how we can help.



We advice our clients on the current real estate trends and investment strategies. If you are looking to get a clear outlook of the market for making informed investments, get in touch.

Property Management

Property Management

We ensure properties are in a good condition, manage tenant relations and rent collection on behalf of property owners. We also market your properties with an aim of getting 100% occupacy.

Property Sales/Rental

Property Sales/Rental

Are you looking to rent or sell your home? We help landlords and investors find tenants for their properties through cutting edge and innovative marketing strategies

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